Senior Tax Exchange Program
Program Overview

2014-15 STEP Recognition Reception

What is STEP? The Senior Tax Exchange Program (STEP) provides an opportunity for senior citizens/retirees to work in the schools in exchange for a property tax credit.
Who is eligible? Retirees age 55 or older who own a Brown Deer home, and pay Brown Deer property taxes are eligible to apply.
How much is the tax credit? In exchange for a maximum of 119 hours of work per year, approved applicants will earn a property tax credit of $595 annually.
Program benefits: Program benefits extend beyond property tax relief for the senior citizen/retiree -- to students, school staff and into the community. In addition to providing senior citizens with tax relief, workers will have the opportunity to share their talents, gain an intergenerational experience, and make a difference in a student's life. Students will gain an appreciation for the valuable contributions that senior citizens make to the community, and have a chance to establish a relationship with a positive role model providing them with increased social and emotional support. Above and beyond another set of hands, teachers will appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate the many positive things happening in our schools on a day-to-day basis.
What is expected of a STEP worker? STEP positions may be short-term or long-term based on need. Workers might tutor students during the school day or in after school programs, read to or with a child, help prepare special projects, assist with computers, or help with office projects. The list is endless based on the skills and talents of our workers.
I'm interested, how can I get started? The first step is to complete a STEP application available for download below or by contacting Mrs. Jan Williams at jwilliams@browndeerschools.com or 414-371-6870. Teachers will be asked to identify areas where they need help, and then we will match the volunteers based on their skills and talents.  More information may be found in the links below.
STEP Application
STEP Program Handbook
STEP Worker Timesheet
STEP Brochure
Supervisor's Evaluation Form
Evaluation by STEP Worker
Release of Information

STEP Workers Recognition
STEP Presentation from 2016 State Education Convention